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Chief Executive’s Message


This is the era of consumer’s awakening. Never in the history of mankind, consumers were so demanding in terms of their quality and cost effectiveness expectations. This indeed is the greatest of challenges faced by today’s entrepreneur. I believe, only those manufacturing companies will survive in the marketplace that will cater to these legitimate demands of the consumers. Going beyond survival, maintaining one’s leadership edge calls for even more – going many steps ahead of the customer’s expectations and keep on surprising them with products and services designed to make their life and lifestyle easier, comfortable and valuable.

Fully aware of these realities of today’s marketplace, Rajput Industary is proud to be a trendsetter in its lines of business and remains committed to keep setting the bench marks higher and higher to ensure the differentiation edge for itself and its customers.

I am all thankful to our customers who have always been quick to respond to all our innovative initiatives and have not allowed the ‘change resistant’ common attitude to come between our relations with them. I assure them that we will continue to give pleasant surprises for making their lives worth living.

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